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 Slayer [Class Guide]

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PostSubject: Slayer [Class Guide]   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:37 pm

Gunner: The gunner is an very fast shooting class wich has much "Dex". Dex causes the character will be very smooth and more severe types, therefore it should not be so much more in the HP of dex, but much more flexible so monsters miss more.

Sworder:The sworder has much "STR" the STR make an character
So they have more protection and more defense and it makes even so it has more HP and you become much stronger from it. Swords is probably the best class to kill the monster. because they doing much damage. But they often miss their attacks against Vamp

Healer: Healer is the best class for PVP they have much INT. But after you have come up to level 150, you just click on STR for then you will be the ultimate healer both good at PVP and PVE

Enchanter: Enchanter is a very good class that is both good at PVE and PVP but it has its limits. Enchanter i dont have much to say about it .. It is a bit good at everything

Blader: Blader is a class that has very much HP and is very good at PVE but not as good in PVP they are only good in PVP with good gear and a good player ofc. They use STR and DEX

This was the slayers classes.
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Slayer [Class Guide]
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