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 Pure Int Vampire Guide

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PostSubject: Pure Int Vampire Guide   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:07 pm

[Pure Int Vampire Guide to a Mage Vampire

Firstly, ability points !
Well its easy, simply add ALL points to INt and be prepared to own people
Oh by the way, Most of the skills cap at 400int, meaning that 400int does the maximum damage. Skills that are still in testing:

1.Acid Swamp
2.Bloody Wall
3.Summon Gore Gland
4.Bloody Knife
5.Blood Scarapi

These skills probably have a higher cap, and i will be testing them in the future.

[Skills to look out for!
Level 27 - Paralyze : Makes the organism immobile and unable to attack
Level 36 - Doom : Reduce enemy Defense
Level 46 - Acid Swamp : One of the highest damaging skill that is on the ground, second to [GoreGland] (S)
Level 47 - Rapid Gliding : Leet movement. At 20 dex you can move 2 squares. 30dex for one square. so at 50dex = 3 squares
Level 52 - Seduction : Reduce enemy ToHit and Damage
Level 58 - Bloody Knife : Attack Skill (S)
Level 66 - Bloody Striker : Attack Skill (S)
Level 68 - Stone Skin : 10% resistance to magic(slayer,ouster,vamp etc and those fucking bullets
Level 78 - Death : Reduce enemies Resistance, easier to paralyze, breaks those freaking moju
Level 80 - Acid Eruption : Attack Skill, damage similar to [BloodySpear] (S)
Level 94 - Bloody Spear : Highest damaging attack skill so far (S)
Level 95 - Bloody Wall : Similar to [AcidSwamp], just that it also pushes back the monster |AOE 5X1|(S)
Level 100 - Meteor Strike : Area Of Effect attack skill |AOE 5X5|(S)
Level 120 - Hallucination : Used to confuse slayers when in a mob(Thanks N9ne)
Level 130 - Summon Gore Gland : Summons a seperate organism to tank all the attacks + attack others |AOE 3X3|
Level 140 - Nus of Lace : Attack skill that does the same damage no matter what resist. |AOE 5X5|(S)
Level 151 - Abberation : Slows down the enemy for a certain period of time. Starts at 6seconds on level 1
Level 161 - Blood Scarapi : Some bloody shoots down onto a single person(1st part) then followed by an 3x3 aoe attack around the target(2nd part). The 2nd part required 3 actives serums. 3 Actives serums also increases the damage of the 1st part. The damage is due to int/dex.

Skill Caps(max damage)
Blood Striker - 400INT : 108damage
Acid Striker - 400INT : 85damage
Poison Striker - 400INT : 35damage
Bloody Spear - 400INT : 216damage
Acid Eruption - 400INT : 215damage
Nus Of Lace - 510INT : 200damage(not affected by resistance)
Abberation - 500+INT: 12seconds

[All Resistance Table

Legend -
Resist : All Resistance
Spear : Bloody Spear
Erupt : Acid Eruption
Striker : Bloody Striker

P.S. It was tested with 520 INT, the person tested on has Magic Avoid 1 & 2. As you can see from on spear, moju7, 520 has broken the resist.

[Training Places
* = highly recommended
Preferrably in a party with STR/DEX vamp

Lv 1-20 : Bathory Dungeon 1, Bathory Dungeon 2*, Menegroth
Preferrably using Hand Of Wisdom, or Poisonous Hands*.

Lv 21-35 : Castle Limbo SW*, Castle Limbo NW, Castle Limbo SE, Menegroth
Zomg! Now you got teh leet skillz, Paralyze. Acid Bolt is the choice of attack.

Lv 36-45 : Drobeta SW*, Drobeta SE, Caligo Dungeon, Menegroth
I prefer not to use acid ball, as it uses much hp. Use Doom for easier bloodsuck.

Lv 46-60 : Waterway Dungeon, Drobeta SE*, Caligo Dungeon, Garble Dungeon, Menegroth
Now that you have acid swamp, you pretty much own.

Lv 60-80 : WW, Roahm B2F, Caligo Dungeon, Garble Dungeon*, Asylion, Menegroth
Use Death to make your life easier Acid Eruption is your friend at lv80.

Lv 80-100 : WW, Branco SW, Roahm B2F, WW, Garble, Asylion, Menegroth
Now you can use para>bloodywall+swamp XD but becareful... bloodywall kills the monster preventing u from sucking, so use wisely.

Lv100-130 : WW, IK Office, Mt Rodin NE*, Mt Rodin NW, Holy Land of Adam, Menegroth
Good stuff readily available, use hallucination on other races if needed.

Lv130++ : WW, Mt Rodin SE*, Hilanom Sacred Ground, Menegroth
Nus Of Lace and Gore Gland are your best friends now.

[Skill HotKeys
F3 - Death > Paralyze > Doom > Seduction
F4 - BloodSuck > BloodSuck 2 > Transfusion
F5 - Summon Gore Gland > Mephistopheles > Stone Skin > Hide
F6 - Bloody Knife > Bloody Spear > Acid Eruption > Bloody Ball
F7 - Acid Swamp > Bloody Wall > Green Stalker > DarkBlue Poison
F8 - Bloody Shout 2 > Curse Of Blood 2 > Bloody Wings
F9 - Darkness > Grey Darkness > Summon Casket
F10-Nus Of Lace > Meteor Strike > Acid Storm > Poison Storm
F11-Abberation > Hallucination > Green Poison > Yellow Poison
F12-Soul Chain > Invisibility > Rapid Gliding > Set-a-fire

Well this are some of my hotkeys... just a simple outline.

[Grade Skill
Reichsritter - Immortal Blood
20HP is alot for an int vamp. The rest are useless... tested personally

[Baronet - Wisdom Of Blood
Reduce HP required for skills. This is important, coz ur hp is low and u probably die casting too much of 1 skill. Uranus Bless(HP regeneration) is useless, coz it only adds +1 more hp every now and then, which doesn't really make much of a difference since you hp is already that low.

[Preyher - Wide Storm or Disruption Storm
OK after testing this shit out and asking for a few opinions, Wide storm or Disruption storm seem to be the best. Knowledge of curse is actually the Success of casting, and not landing. Therefore, why would you need success probability if ur int is so high and its like 100% success? Wide Storm lets you steal LOTS of hp. i could go from 100-1000 hp(with 20hps) in 1 casting on a full mob.

[Graf - Wide Darkness
WIDE DARKNESS FUCKING PWNS!!!!! 5x5 darkness that lasts like 1minute and cooldown is liek 2seconds zomg.

[Markgraf - Curse Inquiry
Prevents para from those irritating mages lol Razz

[Pfalzgraf - Curse Mastery
WTF? its like the leetest skill evar lol. GET THIS QUICK!!!!!

[Armour/ Set
Get somel INT +4 / +5 and some Hp Steal +2 / +3
All Ability3 items are also not a bad idea.
Well after trying out hp steal, i think get around +15hps and the rest int.
Try to get the highest Defense armour, so you wont die that easily
You need items that keeps you alive longer, like defense and protection
E.G. - INT+2 Defense 100 instead of INT+4 Defense 80
Well, its just my POV, so it is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

[~Can GoreGland Steal HP?
No. Its a seperate mosnter by itself =p

[~Does BloodyWall and AcidSwamp steal hp? Why dont i see it stealing hp?
Yes they do. Its jsut that the HP bar does not update itself. For example, you wear 20hpsteal.
Your current HP is 10. You cast swamp/wall and steal 200hp, which makes your hp 210.
But the HP bar doesnt update, using bloody knife on the monster would make your hp 230.

[~Why is it that I hit a guy but his hp go down very little?
Hes wearing All resistance or has very high hp or both. Vamps are disadvantaged cause of this resistance >.>
But Getting an EXTREMELY high amount of int breaks the resistance, and makes our life easier =D
Meteorm nus of lace and gore gland are nt affected by this resistance.

[~You cant bloodsuck with meph in Can i in Darkeden-Damnation?
yes you can, but you get no hp from the drain. HPS solves the hp problem.

[~Does the duration of abberation decrease because of curse resistance?
No. It only decreases the success rate of landing the skill. The duration will always be the same.

[Some Other Tips

+ ALWAYS TRY TO DRAIN other races! it decreases their tohit,prot,def and dmg.
+ Use Doom for easy blood drain
+ Use Seduction to reduce damage received
+ Use Death to reduce resistance, followed by para/swamp/ etc
+ Use Mephistopheles for High Defence, Protection, Tohit. This means die less, easier suck =)
+ When low in hp, use Curse Of Blood to para monsters and Acid storm to steal hp. Followed by meph
+ Use Gore Gland as a tanker if you encounter a mob,then RUN!!!!!!!
+ Use Hallucination to confuse slayers when in a mob. Makes them hit wrong people sometimes =)
+ Use Set-A-Fire on gore gland to push it in a direction of your choice.
+ Use yellow poison so that it blinds the nubs
+ Use Darkblue Poison(expecially on enchanter) so that u can pwn them faster.
+ Use Green Stalker on other races. It helps
+ Nus of lace and Meteor on high moju doods

[How to mob in Hilanom by Spiegelman
Recommended Defence = 400 in the moning and 500 at night
Get CoB2, Drain2 & 20++ hps (more you got, easier it will be)
1. Cast Bloody Shout2 & Meph then go Hilanom.
2. Cast as many walls as possible, make sure at least they surround u in a 5x5. Use Cob2 to stop Monsters hitting you & Meteor/Nus like hell.
3. Use Drain2 on the mobs, its useful as it drains all mobs with 30% in a 5x5 area. (Not Really required as it may be too expensive)
4. When there is a boss closeby, Use GoreGland as much as possible.
5. Enjoy high xp-rate.

This Was The Pure Int Vampire Guide
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Pure Int Vampire Guide
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