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 Sworder Guide

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PostSubject: Sworder Guide   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:18 pm

The Sworder

Why play a Sworder? Like many other MMOs, the Sworder is a melee class
that is commonly designed to be an All-Rounder character, more inclined
towards helping beginners learn the game. However in Darkeden, the
Sworder is a strong combatant. They hold a Sword their right hand and a
Shield in their left. In the hands of an experienced player, the
Sworder can almost be comparable to a Blader's slow but massive power


  1. Important Skills
  2. Equipment Sets
  3. Leveling-Up

Important Skills


These are skills like Thunder Spark and Lightning Hand
- Single-target, continuous attack skills. During the lower levels,
Sworders will be using combos to level up. They will also be using
combos to PK other races while still a n00bie ch1cken. Compared to the
Blader's combos, the Sworder's combos are quicker, consume less MP, and
are more flashy. Once the Sworder is of higher level, he/she won't be
using combos for PK'ing.

Area of Effect

Abbreviated as "AoE", these spells are essential for leveling and a
must-have for PK'ing. The Sworder's AoE has animations that are either Wind- or Thunder-related. Examples would be Wind Divider and Infinity Thunderbolt.
AoE works great with HP/MP steal so it would spare you the need to
constantly pop ampuls to stay alive in a mob. If you haven't already
known, Vampires are known to flood the entire area with Darkness. It's more horrifying with Wide Darkness. That's where AoE comes in. Wide Lightining and Sword of Thor have a 5x5 Area of Effect. Just drop these spells into Darkness-ed areas and watch vampires die in their own dust.


There are only two skills that enable the Sworder to slide to their enemy - Flash Sliding and Blitz Sliding.
This is effective in both PvM and PK'ing. If there's an annoying Curse
mage, sliding next to it will cause it to turn melee. Take note that it
doesn't work against Pure Magic monsters, as they can only cast magic. Flash Sliding at Level 100 has no cooldown and can be used simultaneously to keep on an enemy's tail. Blitz Sliding, however, has a small cooldown but it deals a lot more damage than Flash Sliding. It is a PK skill to reach enemies quickly as well as dealing moderate damage.


The Sworder has only five buffs - Dancing Sword, Cross Counter, Radience, Expansion, and Sharp Shield. These buffs temporarily increase your ToHit, enable cross-counter attacks when melee enemies land hits, increase DEX, increase HP, and reduce all melee damage by 50% and inflicts small damage to melee enemies as they land hits, respectively. When PvM'ing, the most important buffs to have on are Cross Counter and Sharp Shield. During PK'ing, try to keep all buffs up, Expansion can be left out.

Equipment Sets

PvM Mostly Melee Monsters [Leveling-Up Process]

Helmet/Torso/Legs/Glove/Boots/Belt/Shield - Wear ones with defense and protection being as high as possible.

MP Steal + 2 Bracelet x 2
HP Steal +2 Ring x 4
HP Steal +2 Necklace x 1

PvM with Magic/Curse Monsters and PK'ing with any Vampire

Helmet/Torso/Legs/Glove/Boots/Belt/Shield - Wear at least Moju +5/7/9
for each piece while keeping defense and protection as high as possible.

Curse + 10/15 Ring x 2
Blood + 10/15 Ring x 2
Curse + 10/15 Bracelet x 1
Blood + 10/15 Bracelet x 1
Curse + 10/15 Necklace x 1


Moju + 5/7/9 Ring x 4
Moju + 5/7/9 Bracelet x 2
Moju + 5/7/9 Necklace x 1

Curse-Resistant Sworder

Helmet/Torso/Legs/Glove/Boots/Belt/Shield - Wear at least Curse Resistance +10 or above while keeping defense and protection as high as possible.

Moju + 5/7/9 Ring x 4
Moju + 5/7/9 Bracelet x 2
Curse +10/15 Necklace x 1


A Sworder is moderate at leveling-up whereas Gunners are fastest and Bladers are slowest. However, if Cross Counter
is "exploited" to its full potential, leveling can be a breeze until
Level 60 or so. [Cross Counter naked into a crowd of n00bie ch1cken

Level 1 ~ 5

Equip your Sword, find a Red Rock lying around in Eslanian NW, and keep
hitting it until Level 5. It won't take more than two minutes.

Level 5 ~ 35

Learn every skill along the way, including the Passive skills. Start by using Double Slasher then use every new combo with Dancing Sword on. Train all skills to the Level Cap. The best place to train is Holy Sacred Ground of Temerie. [To get there, re-log and press Ctrl + B to open up the Mailbox, then find the letter that has an "Accept" button, Click it.]

Level 35 ~ 45

Continue at it in Temerie. Learn Cross Counter at Level 35 and start to mob big. Learn Rainbow Slasher at Level 40 right away, then return to Temerie and train till Level 45. By then, no Slayer should be able to get in Temerie.

Level 45 ~ 75

Go to Army Guild 1F, talk to the Repair Man and enter his Caligo. This is the best place for Sworders to train until Level 70, or when he/she cannot enter Caligo 3 anymore, which for most people is around Level 75 or 80. The maximum Total Basic Ability for entering Caligo 3 is 260. Hence, it is safe to go out and restock and repair if the Total Basic Ability is 260 or below. Once 261, it is Caligo 4 time. Caligo 4 is not recommended. Using Cross Counter and any AoE spells, lure crowds of mobs and kill. Easy.

Level 75 ~ 100

Get a Helicopter, or an American Chopper-looking Bike, and fly/zoom to Drobeta SE. There are many mobs here, along with some Magic-type mobs. It's best to have Flash Sliding at Level 100 by now to easily reach the Magic-type mobs. Gather a big bunch and Sword Ray
the center. Keep close to the Dual-Wielding sword monster as they hit
from a distance. Or avoid standing next to them as they will AoE, which
hurts a lot. Sword Ray will do the job. Having a HP/MP steal set is essential for any form of mobbing. Once Level 95, get Sharp Shield right away and train it to Level 100.

Level 100 ~ 110

Eisen B1 is recommended as the only magic monster is the Dark Guardian. Wide Lightning works very well here as monsters spawn quickly and are easy to gather. Keep Flash Sliding to the Dark Guardians to avoid being Paralyse-ed and having Darkness
being casted. Vampires seldom go Eisen B1 and Ousters frequently stay
in B1 as majority of them prefer B2. This is a Slayer's paradise. Take note of some other Slayer's name so as to be able to Soul Chain him/her if dead.

Level 110 ~ 150

Put on Moju sets, get a party, and head for Raohm Dungeon B2/B3 or IK Office/Lab. Maintain Sharp Shield and use Wide Lightning as the main attack. Make sure to keep moving, or else other races will catch up and PK on first sight. Once Sword of Thor
is learned, don't use it in a mob as it increases your attack power,
causing monsters to die faster, thus gaining less experience points.
For EXP's sake, drop one on a monster that is alone and do not attack
in that area. Use it when you PK for decent initial damage and an
increase in any attacks performed within its area. Especially in Darkness, because you practically can't see anything in there. Might as well give them something damaging to worry about.
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Sworder Guide
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