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 Combat Vampire Guide

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PostSubject: Combat Vampire Guide   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:24 pm

What stats will I need to increase for a combat vamp?
-It all depends upon what type of combat you want to be. If you want to
be a PK vamp you want to max out at either 80-100 str, and the rest dex
(with this build you will have some extra dmg,pro,hp) or full dex (with
good sets this vamps are best.. their high def and tohit makes them
godly). For a hunting combat vamp (pvm) 240 dex is sufficient rest str.
You wont be good at pking other combat classes but descent at pking
mage players.

Which sets do combat vamps go good with?
-Again depends what you want to do. For leveling an hp steal+2 set
seems to be the best. Eventually, once you get into harder maps it wont
be sufficient. You'll need a good moju set at least 70-80ish moju. Or
if you cant afford it, use a blood/curse set at least +80. For pking
other combat classes you can chose what you prefer.. Either dmg set or
high dex set. Myslf I would recommend a DEX set for a all DEX vamp and
DMG for a vamp with some str.

What skills will I be using?
Hands of wisdom untill you learn acid touch. Then, bloody nail untill
you get violent phantom. Rapid glide is also very good, helps you trick
your enemies or even get away if you have to. Bloody zenith is good to
use on an enemy thats running away. Eventually youll get set afire..
which is basically like bloody zenith except it does critical hit dmg.
Its good to combo with set afire-bloody zenith- (very good pk combo).

Where will I be leveling?
Try to leech untill lvl 40. Then youll be able to handle r1. Train there till lvl 60.
60-110 Raohm 2 with a party.
111-130 IK lab
131-150+ - raohm 3,4,5 , ik, anywhere basically,
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Combat Vampire Guide
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