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 Enchanter Guide

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PostSubject: Enchanter Guide   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:26 pm

Enchanters are tricky
but they do have an advantage, they use magic which Defense has no
affect. Here you will learn How enchanters are Pwnage!

Aura shield - Aura shield is a life
saver and without it you will be a goner. Aura shield lowers The amount
of hp taken away if you are hit, In return you lose MP. Lets Say
normally 1 hit of bloody spear does 50hp damage to you, You will
probably only lose about 25-30 hp and will not lose 20 mp! You lose a
lot more MP than then the amount of HP you saved. The shield will go
down early if your MP runs out, Keep using MP amps to keep your shield

Requital - This skill may not seem all that important but
its actually very useful, Any physical damage done to you with this
skill own will reflect some of the damage back.

Holy Armor - Holy armor is a very
useful skill that gives you about 35 extra defense. Careful with this
skill, when you use this skill it takes away 100HP away from you, If
you have 150Hp or around there, using this skill may not be the best
choice. If you have 100hp or less you will be unable to use this skill.

Sanctuary - This skill can easily
cause you death if you use it the wrong way. 2 main reason to use
sanctuary is to keep a monster or enemy from attacking you and to keep
an enemy from escaping. Sanctuary takes about 2 seconds to close after
you use the skill so your timing has to be right or you will trap a
monster inside or you will miss on trapping an enemy. A Fully leveled
sanctuary last at least 10 seconds and it takes about 2 seconds for it
to close again so beware.

Rebuke - Rebuke is another VERY
helpful skill. Once you use rebuke and you attack a monster, the
monster will awaken. You can also use this skill on high level vamps
and ousters.

Flare - When your flare is at max
level you can flare high level monsters such as Hilanom and IK lab
monsters as well as MT. Rodin and Waterway monsters. Note: Flare Will
Miss occasionally and will not always blind someone on the first hit.
JC (Job changed) Vamps and ousters will be harder to flare but it can
be done. A Good strategy is to flare a Ware wolf.

Mercy grounds - Mercy grounds
prevents Vampires and some ousters skills from connecting to the
ground. It Blocks Skills such as Fire Ouster's Promonince, Vampire
skills such as: Darkness, Swamp, Grey darkness. It is Wise to use this
skill and go on it when you are fighting fire ousters and Int vamps.

Spirit Guard - Enchanters don't have
much hp so they need spirit guard for 2 reason: HP Steal/MP steal and
fighting other races. Spirit guard always hits a monster in a mob and
it hits it constantly. 4 Orbs ( 4 hits ) If you have hp steal +4 you
would get +16 hp when the orbs make a complete circle. When Using
Spirit guard in PK you need to get close to and enemy. A Good move
would be to use sanctuary on the vamp or ouster so they can't move.
NOTE: They can push you out of sanctuary.

Divine Guardians - This skill isn't the
best for mobbing but it does give you hp steal which can be helpful.
This skill is good for fighting vampires and ousters.

Intimate Grail - This skill is a
life saver! This skill is no ordinary buff. Although it gives you a lot
of extra defense, HP, and mp it also weakens enemies and monsters.
Using intimate grail and then using Divine guardians will get your
opponents weaken and ready for you to kill.

STR - HP/Physical Damage
DEX - Defense/Tohit
INT - MP/Magic Damage

Vampires INT
These Vamps are a real pain especially JC vamps. About
100 curse ressitance will block paralyze but it will not block Death.
about 180 curse or so will prevent death. Most INT vamps will use gore
and if you sanctuary them they will just push you out. Then how do you
kill these bad boys? Keep your aura shield up. Mercy grounds, Intimate
Grail them then divine guardians them. You should try to flare them so
it will be harder for them to use gore. Most int vamps will use blood
skills and meteor so stand clear of that and make sure your aura shield
NEVER goes down.

Vampires Str
These guys shouldn't be a problem to you as long as you grail them. Sanctuary them and keep spirit guard up.
Ware wolf Yes yes yes, we all love
ware wolfs but they look like dogs they are deadly. And Str vamp using
ware wolf is a lot harder. DO NOT trap yourself with the werewolf
unless you are with someone or holding him back for a reason. Grail him
and Flare him. Ware wolf last 32 seconds only so if you cant beat him
keep yourself alive for 32 seconds.

Ousters These
Guys are a different story. The easiest one for enchanters are Combat
ousters. These guys are like the str vamps, grail them, divine
guardians, spirit guard. The Elemental Ousters is were the rules of the
game change. Earth ousters are a pain in the ass to fight. If they
summon Earth elemental go near it and use spirit guard, and if you want
to keep him inside his elemental use sanctuary. Fire ousters are the
tough ones, Grail the fire ouster and divine guardians him. Keep Moving
Do not stay still or you will get hurt with hell fire. Having your aura
shield down is critical and will hey you killed in an instant. Try To
flare the ouster and keep moving in case he uses auto attack.
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Enchanter Guide
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